X-CAPE DA VI11AN – Go Crazy Onit


Australian producer duo X-CAPE DA VI11AN are excited to be releasing their debut album ‘X-CAPIZM’ through US Label Keep The Feel, LA based Alpha Pup Records (distribution worldwide) and Hydrofunk Records on April 24 2020.

Recorded both at Hydrofunk HQ and at Vi11an’s Lair, ‘X-CAPIZM’ was entirely produced by band members Dave Atkins (Resin Dogs, Wolfmother) & Steve Anning (Musical director, keyboardist and vocalist). ‘X-CAPIZM’ infuses hip-hop sampling culture with the electronic music production. ‘X-CAPIZM’ boldly steals samples and sounds through the creative process, the resultant pallet could be described as remnant of alternative hip-hop, trap, downtempo, dubstep, drum & bass and a little house.

The album features a guest appearance by Abstract Rude on Track 3 ‘Interste11ar’ who wrote and performed the rap vocals and also produced the film clip. Vi11an features vocoded on the tracks ‘You got me’ and ‘Talk the truth’, and all female vocal takes are samples sourced by Dave.

The music can best be described as a sampletastic modern masterpiece. Remnant of early Hermitude/Flume with influence from Slumberjack, Troy-Boi, DJ Shadow and many others. Slamming beats, distorted basslines, heavenly pitched female vocals, wobbly synth nuances, raw energy and sometimes ethereal bliss feature on the album.


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