will.i.am Faces Potential Legal Action After Qantas Tantrum

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Black Eyed Peas rapper will.i.am could face legal action after publicly vilifying a Qantas flight attendant.


will.i.am (real name: william with no dots) took to Twitter on Saturday during a flight from Brisbane to Sydney accusing the Qantas staffer of being racist after he ignored on-board instructions to turn off his headphones during take-off.

“I don’t want to believe she racist. But she has clearly aimed all her frustrations only at the people of colour,” Bill tweeted.

Police were called to personally greet Billy when the plane landed in Sydney where he was questioned over his behaviour. That set him off even further. “@Qantas Your #RacistFlightattendant was beyond rude & took it to the next level by calling the police on me,” he posted.

bill.i.am, a very frequent flyer, claimed he did not hear the instructions because he was wearing noise-cancelling headphones. “I’m sorry? Is callin the police on a passenger for not hearing he P.A due to wearing noise canceling headphones appropriate?,” his Twitter rant continued…

…and continued “No one said she was a white supremest… I said she singled every person of colourbin the flight and gave them a hard time…and went to the extreme of calling the police on me when I did nothing wrong”.

Then the rant turned on the police. “I was intimidated by 5 police officers when I landed…for what?,” Bill fumed.

That set his fanbase off who went over the top abuse the Qantas staffer. “I don’t regret my actions of taking to public to speak for the other for those who don’t have the voice who felt the same disrespect… I am saddened that People chose to spread hate and attack… there were other people on the flight were disrespected,” willy.he.is added.

Black Eyed Peas are touring Australia with Janet Jackson as part of the RNB Fridays tour.

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