Tobias – I’m Just Trying

Up and coming performing artist Tobias is emerging onto the Perth scene in a big way. At just 21, Tobias is already an internationally recognised performer, having showcased at the 2015 International Presentation of Performers in LA, USA and on home turf, was the inaugural winner of the Senior Kelmscott Idol in 2014 and Michael Johns Award For Songwriting, 2017. Tobias is a singer, songwriter, dancer and music producer. Having studied extensively at the Classic Sounds School of Music and at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Tobias has performed at various festivals and concerts around Perth including WAMFest and Collision Fest and is currently represented by Perth agencies FilmBites Casting Agency and KJ Entertainment. With heavy musical influences from Michael Jackson and current rap artists such as Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, Tobias aims to take break down the barriers of these musical worlds and combine them, challenging Australia’s perception of rap artists. Tobias prides himself on bringing musicality, integrity and high energy to all his performances, leaving a lasting impression.

About this track…

“Sometimes we’re just trying to survive to get through to the next breath, not giving up but not trying to thrive because we just need to wait for that next breath.” – Tobias

“I’m Just Trying” produced by Lawsxn, shares a positive message despite sounding melancholy. Tobias details the struggle of not giving up despite the stressful entailments of life.


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