The Stoops – If I Had a Kid

Guess what!? The Stoops are back! It has been 6 years since our last track, Middle of a Riot, and while all has seemed quiet on the Western Front, the arsenal of tracks we’ve got ready to drop would suggest otherwise. So get ready, we’re about to peel the poster back from our own Andy Dufresne tunnel.

We are a 3-piece outfit from Perth, WA, who have been making golden era inspired hip hop for going on 15 years. We comprise of three core members; DJ – Arms In Motion and emcees -Roc Walla and Pronto. We’ve spent the majority of the last few years tweaking and evolving our soul- fuelled signature sound in preparation for what could now be almost regarded as a Debut release (although it is our third). “Boom Cycle”, is an entirely self produced album which we are beyond excited to finally reveal to you.

Now we are finally ready to release the first of a small run of singles before releasing the album later this year. First off the ranks is “If I Had a Kid”, due to be released Feb 28th, 2020.

About this track…

Emerging as a playful thought experiment which, in an ironic twist of fate, would become a foretelling as Pronto recently became a proud father. It was this personal milestone that reignited the release, marking a new chapter & setting the stage for Boom Cycle.

An acknowledgement of our own mistakes disguised in the form of parental guidance.


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