The Northern Territory’s Wide Open Space is a festival like no other

Yeah, music festivals are great, but have you tried Wide Open Space? A celebration of real Australian culture amongst the nation’s heart and centre.

After a year the Northern Territory’s Wide Open Space (WOS) has officially rebooted with a program that will leave audiences with a festival experience like no other. Here’s why.

Pays homage to the land and it’s heritage

WOS is a celebration of the land and acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians, the Arrernte people. The festival is held on the Ross River Resort and N’Dhala Gorge Area, where it draws much of its inspiration. An emphasis is made on the importance of our nation’s history and the sacred grounds on which the festivities will commence.

Environmentally Conscious

Of course those who gather to enjoy and celebrate the Northern Territory should come with the intent to preserve and respect it. WOS has established their own framework for waste and sustainability and hope to influence other events to follow suite. Re-usable and biodegradable everything! Punters are encouraged to reduce the amount of belongings they bring with them and the possession of single use plastics.

People surrounding a pool at Wide Open Space

So much more room for activities!

As the name implies, WOS aims to present the Northern Territory and all that there is to explore. Breaking down the misconception that it’s just the middle of nowhere and re-introducing it as a central hub for individuals from all over to meet and come together.

Better yet, you have the vast outback as your stomping ground with a smorgasbord of activities included in the program. Besides musical performances, there are discussion panels, workshops and child friendly activities to enjoy, that aim to further educate and enhance the experience.

People watching a sunset at Wide Open Space

Closer to nature

It’s back to basics at WOS as attendees are encouraged to develop a connection with nature. All year around the Northern Territory has something to offer, no matter the climate. Those with a fascination for wildlife will not be disappointed.

The venue is just an hour away from Alice Springs, which is considered the epitome of Australiana. The drive itself through the Red Centre is considered a must-do for any first timers in the NT.

People dancing at Wide Open Space

Diverse line up

As expected the key to any festival is a good line up of acts and WOS will give you just that. Presenting to you a plethora of up and coming artists from a wide range of music/ performance genres. In the mix are local artists from all over, such as Briggs from Victoria’s North East Rivers famous for his multi award winning album Reclaim Australia and the Northern Territory’s very own Black Rock Band, who experiment with traditional and contemporary music. Expect to hear it all!

Haiku Hands

It takes a village! – A community based effort

Since 2009 WOS has primarily centered on community, making it an event made for the people, by the people. Originally the locals started Wide Open Space to raise money for a new PA system, although they never did raise enough money, it still lived on and continued to evolve over the years, now expanding and reaching out to a broader audience.

Since making this exciting comeback the crew at WOS are giving the chance to win an all-inclusive NT experience for Wide Open Space Festival 2020, calling all travellers seeking the next adventure. Not only will the lucky winners have the chance to see the festival itself but will be able to venture on three day tour of Uluru and Kings Canyon thanks to Outback Tour Services.

Participants must answer the following question creatively through a social media platform of their choosing (Facebook/Instagram) with the hashtag #MeetYouInTheMiddle:

“If you could meet one person in the middle at Wide Open Space Festival 2020, who would it be and why?”

Imaginative outside-the-box thinking is highly encouraged and any form of digital media from audio or visuals, written pieces or a combination can be used. For more information on submission guidelines, read the WOS 2020 competition webpage here.

Scenic views and an abundance of art and culture is a good excuse to go catching the travel bug. The Northern Territory makes for a unique festival experience that is unparalleled, now we can’t think of a reason not to go!

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