Steven Adams – Are You Listening?
Melbourne based rapper and song writer, Steven Adams, fell in love with the art of writing since the very first time he immersed himself in the works of his favourite poets. His eclectic taste for music, ranging from country to jazz, to hip-hop to metal, to even punk rock, is axiomatic in the product of his work. Adams’ style is a blend of lo-fi hip-hop, infused with elements redolent of early 2000s emo. Steven Adams creates music for the people, in order to assuage their fears about love, hate and the vicissitudes of life. His work addresses topics such as the inherently fickle nature of love, self-worth, and the importance of self-appreciation. Steven Adams aims to provide confidence to his listeners, one lyric at a time. It is music for you, from him.

About this track…

The song is premised around several motifs, notably ideas of insecurity and inadequacy. However, the overarching theme of the song addresses the volatility of friendship, and how adverse experiences impact ones ability to trust. The title “Are You Listening?” is more or less a plead for help, urging those to acknowledge the current issues one may be dealing with.


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