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Scotty Hinds has been one of the longtime flag-bearers for grime down under, both as a solo artist and a member of the foundational Smash Brothers crew. But while he’s one of Australian grime’s proudest emcees, he’s also one of the most ambitious: Check out the two 15-minute videos he’s dropped over the past two years, featuring fellow underground staples like Alex Jones and Huskii. But while those mini-movies focused on narrative and storytelling, his latest video, ‘On This Ting’ acts more swiftly, with stampeding results. It’s short and direct, driven by the foreboding march of a beat (produced by Gang Sign) that could soundtrack the apocalypse. The whole track has a brooding aura that doesn’t let up for close to three minutes, with Scotty spitting rapidly while dressed in his truest grime uniform: Monochromatic sportswear with more than a few Swooshes.

‘On This Ting’ features various nods to his Smash Brothers crew (Fraksha makes a cameo in the video) and especially late member Murky; on the third verse, the beat quietens down temporarily while Scotty spits a heartfelt verse as a homage to his friend, one that rides the momentum to a crescendo and steals the show. The single is taken from his freshly-released Minister Part II EP, which also features a who’s who of grime and hip-hop from around Australia: Wombat, Nerve and Mitchos Da Menace all make head-spinning appearances on the project.

One listen to ‘On This Ting’ will tell you that it’s sure to be a dancefloor rumbler, and you can hopefully witness it live on the Apocalypse tour which kicks off this week. Scotty will be performing there alongside Smash Brothers, LGEEZ, OD Clan, Posseshot and Menace Gang, in what’s a pretty near summary of the Australian underground right now. Listen below and get your tickets to the Apocalypse tour here:


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