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Nov 18
Evolution Keeps Repeating Itself. Scientists Are Starting to Understand Why

Species that aren't closely related can look identical thanks to a bizarre trick of…

Nov 15
A Link Between Dark Matter and Antimatter Could Be Why the Universe Exists

In a new experiment, scientists probed a theory that suggests a weird interaction…

Nov 14
The Dying California Desert Town Where Cannabis Is the Only Remaining Hope

From cul-de-sac-fever-dream gone bust to vertically integrated weed opportunity zone,…

Nov 13
‘Noah’s Ark Bus’ Evacuates a Menagerie of Orphaned Animals Away from the Queensland Bushfires

More than 150 animals—including crocodiles, monkeys, and koalas—were ferried out of…

Nov 13
Court Rules Government Can’t Search Your Phone At the Airport For No Reason

The ruling is a significant win for privacy rights of Americans and tourists traveling…

Nov 12
Want To Make a Documentary With VICE?

This could be your big break.

Nov 12
Australia’s Response to Climate Change One of the Worst in G20, According to New Report

One co-author believes Australia’s poor performance can be attributed to poor…

Nov 10
How Mexico Is Losing the War Against Cartels

A series of violent incidents last month revealed the deadly power of the cartels, and…

Nov 10
We Finally Have a Clue Why Vapes Are Making People Sick

Friday is the first time the CDC has openly flagged a potential culprit.

Nov 10
EXCLUSIVE: A U.S. Marine Used the Neo-Nazi Site Iron March to Recruit for a ‘Racial Holy War’

Dozens of people posting on the now-defunct forum claimed to have military experience.…

Nov 07
Terrifying Photos of Delhi Covered in a Thick Haze of ‘Airpocalypse’

The Delhi smog is a yearly affair, except this time, the crisis has turned India’s…

Nov 07
Millennials Will Get Sick and Die Faster Than the Previous Generation

A new healthcare report paints a truly bleak picture of millennials’ wellness future.

Nov 06
The 2010s Were the Decade That Genre Collapsed

Over the past 10 years, our collective cultural melting pot has boiled over, giving us…

Nov 05
The U.S. Is Now Officially the Only Country to Pull Out of the Paris Climate Agreement

There's now little hope that Trump will change his mind, as he indicated he might back…

Nov 04
The Companies That Invest in the Earth’s Destruction Must Be Held Accountable

Protests against BlackRock and a Senate hearing on dark money are part of a growing…

Nov 04
Carbon Offsetting: What Is It, and Does It Even Work?

You've just bought yourself a winter sun holiday, but you're feeling bad about it.…

Nov 03
Russia’s Crackdown On Hip-Hop Is Backfiring Spectacularly

An investigation into how hip-hop became the protest music for a new generation of Russians.

Nov 01
CIA-Backed ‘Death Squads’ Are Committing War Crimes in Afghanistan, Report Says

A disturbing Human Rights Watch report describes summary executions, extrajudicial…

Oct 31
Hundreds of Koalas Feared Burned Alive in Eastern Australian Bushfires

The local koala hospital is preparing for an influx of the animals, who are reportedly…