OneFour travel to New Zealand – Wild Brawl outside show

Too dangerous to perform in Australia: Gangster rap group OneFour travel to New Zealand for wild concert with half of their crew – after two were jailed and one was sent home at the airport

  • Pio Misa and Dahcell Ramos from drill rap group OneFour jailed on Wednesday 
  • The group played a concert in New Zealand on Thursday amid high security 
  • Another member, J Emz, was denied entry into the country at the airport  
  • Misa and Ramos bashed three people at a Sydney pub during July of last year
  • One man was bashed so badly he was left unconscious and bleeding on floor 
  • As sentences were announced, group angrily proclaimed ‘war against the feds’ 

Australian rap group OneFour were forced to take the stage with half their crew in New Zealand after two members were jailed and a third denied entry to the country.

Auckland’s The Powerstation music venue was teeming with security and bags were not allowed through the doors for the group’s concert on Thursday night amid fears of possible violence.

Just a day before the concert, rappers Pio ‘YP’ Misa and Dahcell ‘Celly’ Ramos were jailed for four and ten years respectively over a violent attack in a western Sydney pub’s pokie room.

A recorded message played from Misa as the group walked on stage on Thursday.

When the rappers finished their first song the  chants of ‘free YP, free YP’ from the crowd began.

Auckland energy for rap crew OneFour, ‘banned’ in their native Australia

December 6, 2019

It was hard to know what to expect from OneFour’s performance in Auckland.

The Sydney rap crew’s entire Australian tour was cancelled with the band claiming police put pressure on venues to cancel due to fears of gang violence.

NSW Police deny the claim, but admit to requiring venues to provide financial support for on-duty officers. Paying for up to forty cops makes putting on a rap show a pretty prohibitive.

OneFour are by far the biggest thing to happen in Australian rap in a long time. Their videos clock up huge numbers on YouTube and they sold out their Auckland show well in advance. There are no songs on radio but the crowd know every word. The place is fizzing.

Of OneFour’s key members, J Emz was denied entry to New Zealand. Nineteen-year-old Pio Misa, known as YP, was just yesterday sentenced to four years in jail on charges including reckless grievous bodily harm. Another former member of the OneFour crew was given ten years over the same brawl.

So it was hard to know what to expect, but only getting half the performers didn’t matter one bit to the Auckland crowd. A recorded message from our recently jailed friend plays as they arrive on stage. The “Free YP, Free YP” chants start after the first song.

OneFour make drill rap, a hard-edged reality-based hip hop where MC’s braggadocio is more important than the cleverness of their word play. This is about pride, power and energy.

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