New Music – 12th April 2020

In his new single ‘Move’, Baker Boy turns a song about falling in love into a tribute to the strong women in his life and those who raised him. A stark shift from the energetic chaos of his last single ‘Meditjin’ ft. JessB’, the groove-driven track with skittering beats dips into the soulful side of Danzal Baker aka Baker Boy.

Not Too Shy is a song about coming out of your shell and basically doing what you want. Is a self empowering happy song that can make almost anyone dance and rid of insecurities.

Fresh off the end of a 4 year relationship, Blue struggles to come to terms with what has happened and provide insight into his perspective. Dealing with the guilt of causing the relationship’s demise, the lyrics follow his chaotic, almost bi-polar stream of consciousness while his emotional delivery captures his overwhelming feelings of remorse.

Dcrae Australian artist Drops a new single (Leave Me Alone) Having a Modern day twist The rapper speaks from his truth and hopes to reach each of you around the globe!

Hectic hip hop beat produced by Nebs Our Area is focused on being there for each other and looking after the place with Jesus. He will change your life. love one another no matter what our back ground is or what we have experienced. Giving back to the community


Jaycee’s first release of 2020. ‘I Got a Thing’ is a statement that represents Jaycee’s mood coming into the new year. Raising the standard.


Lil Sriracha’s powerful delivery combined with a hard hitting beat reflects the definition of the new australian slang word: ARKY – an adjective used to describe someone who has a tendency to instigate brawls. From beginning to end, the song progressively intensifies, leaving listeners with tight chests by the end of the track.

Fiery trap production by jshirts (Token, Bas, Jay IDK) sets the pace for high-energy character raps on the record’s opener, “DDown”, showcasing Koko’s trademark swagger and humour.

Without skipping a beat in his high-energy delivery, KoKo injects the different sides of his personality, the aggressive, the self-depreciative, and everything in-between.

What started as a comedic and autobiographical song about frustrations with my own artistic process ended up as a rant of sorts about how tiresome alot of the language and humour in rap music has become. I don’t believe in dismissing past art & humour because the world’s changing, nor do I have any arrogant illusions of my own authority.

A 90’s style Hip Hop tune with conscious politics, boom bap production and slick cuts from DJ Rellik. Fun, serious and relevant.

‘BE MY LIGHT’ completes a trilogy of self-produced singles from Ricky Crisp, leaning into a dreamy, melancholic blend of RnB-tinged bedroom pop. The track finds beauty in its depth and minimalism, positioning its atmospheric and intricate production at the forefront of the track.

Trendy is a track that was written with the sole purpose of celebrating women

‘Handyman’ is the group’s first new music of 2020. An infectious, three-minute ride that never sits still, teaming overblown bass with a playfully whistling melody and Triple One’s usual dynamic vocal interplay and tongue-in-cheek approach to hip-hop braggadocio.

On my way is an autobiography for Vinny. In it he explains various lessons he has learnt in his journey and how they have shaped the person he is. On my way in a look inside Vinnys brain and a perfect explanation for how and why he does things the way he does.


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