National Youtube Playlist Project

What is it?

A YouTube Playlist that features new Hip Hop Releases from Australia.


Why is it good for Fans?

It makes it easier to keep up with new releases and is a great way to find new Artists or songs in an organized display without being spammed.


Why is it good for Artists?

A centralized and unified distribution makes your job a lot easier and gives you more time to create music and less need to annoy or spam fans.

What can you do?

You can send us a message and invite yourself as part of our team and then we will add you to our list of collaborators – then you can simply add any music into our shared National Playlist.

Is it free?

Yes, of course!


Contribute videos to our playlist

With this link;  “New Australian Hip Hop Releases”  you can add videos.

  1. To go the playlist page, use the link above.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm that you want to be a contributor. The playlist will be automatically saved.
  3. To add videos from your computer or a mobile device, use one of these options:
    • On the playlist page, select Add Video and paste in a video URL, choose a video from your uploads, or search for a video on YouTube.
    • Go to a video you want to add and select Save  from that video.

After you add a video, your name will appear next to the video in the playlist. All collaborators will get a notification when new videos are added to the playlist.

Let’s all work together with a unified distribution point!

Problems? Contact Us