Nardean – weightless

Growing up in Western Sydney’s Mount Druitt, sometimes provocative and always sassy, Nardean embodies the under-represented and often misrepresented voices of Australian women of colour. She says “Growing up where I did, there was no one out here doing music, let alone an Egyptian woman. I want to be the woman that young, multicultural girls can look up to, and see themselves in. I want them to know that if I can do it, they can too.”

Today Nardean releases her mesmerizing new single “weightless” and announces her sophomore EP “THE NEW ERA” out on Friday, May 1st.

‘“THE NEW ERA” is the follow up to her highly acclaimed 2018 debut EP “Creatress”, which explores her Arabic roots and Australian upbringing and showcases her incredible talent to traverse rap, melody, and poetry.

The new EP, produced by Stackhat, highlights Nardean’s signature love of language, which she has embraced since her days at Macquarie University studying English Literature. “weightless” is a sneak peak into an EP that is sonically remarkable, lyrically intelligent and bursting with personality.

About this track…

“weightless” is about the difference between “light vs dark” and “light vs. heavy”… I think that somewhere along the way we got it wrong. We kept searching for the “light,” instead of focusing on feeling light (not heavy) within ourselves! This song is about dropping all the heavy sh*t…


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