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Lazy Grey – solo artist and member of the duo Brothers Stoney with Len One and 750 Rebels. Lazy Grey was also in a Brisbane band called Towering Inferno with DJ Damage and B-Boy Flex in 1994–1997, The group performed at the first B-Boy Kingdom hip hop jam in 1996. Brothers Stoney collaborated with Melbourne emcee Bias B as Boney ; Stoney.

Lazy Grey has been an Australian hip hop icon since the early 90’s. With an unmistakable, impeccable delivery and reputation for witty and honest rhymes, Lazy has forged his way into the “Top 10 MC” lists of both artists and punters Australia-wide. Often partnering up with fellow Brisbane MC Len One to create music as Brothers Stoney, Lazy Grey brings the real BBQ funk with rare funk samples and gritty drums.A quiet achiever, Lazy has produced and appeared on some of Australian hip hop’s most revered and popular releases, including releases by Brad Strut, Nuffsaid, 2 Dogs, Bias B and Mnemonic Ascent. A lover of the herb and a wizard with the MPC, Lazy Grey’s music captures the relaxed Brisbane atmosphere he loves as well as a fierce passion and realism.

Lazy Grey feat. Len One “Freedom Fighters”

Lazy Grey: This is ’98, it was our first little ‘rap tour’ for our cassette at the time – On Tap.

Len One: We did that gig [at the Corner Hotel in Richmond] and I think Prowla was blown away by us and just gave us a spot. I was just blown away that they’d even have me and Lazy on it.

Lazy Grey: We all got the train out to Noble Park, and when we got off at the station you can’t get a ticket because the machines are fucked, you can’t make a phone call cause all the bloody phones are fucked, so we just started walking and finally found a phone out the front of a snack bar.

Len One: MC Que was out the back punching the punching bag, and I was thinking, ‘This is some gully shit!’ We did [Boney & Stoney’s] Freedom Fighters the same day as States of Mind. That was the first song recorded for the RDC album. I kinda wrote my verse for States of Mind on the spot, so I couldn’t be fucked writing another verse. I had that old chorus and Lazy had those verses that he wrote on the plane on the way down. We just put it together there on the spot and it worked!

Lazy Grey: The RDC compilation is the best to have come out of Australia. I really look back and say, ‘Those were probably some of my happiest little times in the hip-hop world.’

Lazy Grey is a true pioneer of Australian hip hop. The much imitated BBQ and beer sound had its roots in his Algester backyard, where he spent the 90’s filling rhyme books and composing on his ASR10, before moving on to the classic MPC sampler. He was one of the first producers to dig deep for rare Australian records and sample them in his productions, developing a distinctly local flavor of hip hop that still had its background in the New York boom bap of the early nineties. From his roots in the I&I and Happy Herb Crew’s in the early 90’s, through his partnership with DJ Damage as Towering Inferno and the establishment of the Black Stump label and crew with LenOne and Hams, Lazy was a pivotal figure in the emerging Brisbane hip hop culture. He also voiced the Resin Dogs’ first single and fronted the Brisbane funk powerhouse’s early shows to sold out Brisbane audiences. As a member of Brothers Stoney with Lenwun, he would truly put Brisbane hip hop on the map. The On Tap cassette broke out of Brisbane’s hip hop circles to become a national cult collectors’ item. Lazy and Len recorded the vinyl only EP Boney & Stoney with Melbourne’s Bias B, which to this day remains a defining artifact of Australian rap. The tracks “Eureka” and “Lyrical Luncheon” from this EP are interstate anthems. The subsequent On Or Off Tap CD- rang out with the likes of “Have A Beer” and “Frontin’”, certified underground bangers that solidified Lazy’s chemistry with Ken Oath and Len. He connected with Melbourne label Crookneck and recorded both the Stone Broke album (with Len as Brothers Stoney) and his acclaimed solo opus Banned In Queensland from Adelaide with production from BVA of Mnemonic Ascent. Meanwhile, an extended collection of Brisbane artists coalesced around Lazy as 750 Rebels, a group that now also includes Lenwun, Miss Brown, DjDce, Ken Oath Jake Biz, Bigfoot, Overproof, Kilsz and Dj Lopsided. Lazy has been a sought after collaborator throughout his career, boasting almost 40 guest vocal spots, production credits and compilation appearances. He’s worked with the likes of Bias B, Mnemonic Ascent, Hospice Crew, F&D, Brad Strut, Prowla, Jase, Pegz, Reason, Tornts and The Optimen. Lazy Grey is the pivotal lyrical figure in Brisbane’s scene, an MC with brash delivery and subtle wordplay that has made him a national treasure. The fact that he’s also a monster on the MPC means he is a cornerstone in the every growing edifice of Australian hip hop. His new album The Soundtrack only solidifies his reputation, proving that a veteran who helped lay the foundation can still add on to the architecture.

Since first forming the label in 1999, LAZY GREY is a name synonymous with the culture’s greats, often touted as ‘your favourite artist’s favourite artist’. From his early work in the 90s on underground cassettes, to forming the Black Stump label with Hams and LENONE in ’96, followed by his first solo album “On Tap” on cassette, LAZY GREY has gone on to amass a critically acclaimed body of work, notably the BONEY & STONEY EP in 1998 alongside MC’s BIAS B and LENONE, now revered as one of Australia’s most seminal hiphop releases of all time. His second solo in 2000 “On Or Off Tap” took the country by storm, only to be backed up 3 years later with the classic album “Stone Broke” under the name ‘Brothers Stoney’ with MC LENONE.LAZY GREY then dropped his third solo LP “Banned In Queensland” in 2004 which once again solidified his rightful place at the top of the game, showing us all just how shit’s done propper. LAZY followed up yet again in 2009 with his fourth solo album “The Soundtrack”, putting his production skills aside and focusing purely on his lyrical writing skills while producer DAVE V aka VHS handled the beats with DJ DCIDE on the cuts. During these past 20+ years LAZY GREY has racked up countless guest appearances, perfected his live show like no other, and continued releasing music year in year out with his latest work on the full length double vinyl album KOLD HEAT with fellow 750 members JAKE BIZ & DJ DCIDE and producer SEAN B.

Featured on The Formula released in 1999 on Wild Child Productions – cassette only.

Featured on 15.Oz Vinyl – 15 Years Of Australian Hip-Hop On Vinyl released in 2004 on Crookneck Records

Featured on Home Brewz Volume 2 released in 1997

Appeared on the ‘Now You Know’ compilation in 2005 released on Nuffsaid Records

Featured on Phat Tape Show Freestyles Compilation cassette release in 1999

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