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Average Joe’s

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    C-Oh Rex Mundi – MC, Simetrik – MC & Prod, HLG -DJ, MC & Prod, Sypha – MC & Ace SFX – MC & Beatboxer

  • The Average Joe’s, A bunch of average blokes with above average flows. Uniting in Central Victoria through involvement in not for profit organisation ‘Hiphopportunities for Youth’ the A.J’s are a five piece Hip Hop crew who indulge in all elements Hip Hop has to Offer. The group includes C’Oh Rex Mundi(MC), Simetrik(MC,Bboy,Producer), HLG(MC,Producer, DJ) Sypha(MC,Graffiti Artist) & Ace Sfx(MC,Beatbox). Although a few choose also to take part in the physical & visual aspects of the culture, it’s the music in which the group have managed to really bond & push fourth with a tireless work ethic. Which has also be provenĀ in the crews dedication to hosting & interviewing on weekly community radio show ‘This or That’ which has homed exclusive tunes & Interviews from international & local stars Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, Gift of Gab, Trem, Ugly Duckling & a list longer than Yao Ming’s wing span. As individuals and in the group, they have stood up & performed to large festival crowds as well as in support slots of some of Australia’s heavy weights including Muph & Plutonic, Pez & 360, Phrase & The Winnie Coopers to name a few. Being involved in a very competitive culture that in this country has grown from strength to strength has not hindered ‘The Average Joe’s’ & if anything has only fueled their progress. With the styles & musical influences of five, this has managed to generate a wide topic range from thought provoking social commentary to witty comedic banter and even the songs that you may only remember a few words and the chorus, but you’ll throw on to simply escape. So if your having an average day, night or weekend you should no longer consider that a bad thing.
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