KG – Superwoman

An emerging voice encouraging positivity, South African born, Canberra hip-hop artist KG looks directly at a diversifying Australian music scene. KG’s connection with his African heritage and culture has always remained a strong one when it comes to threading these influences through his music. His father, a freedom fighter alongside Nelson Mandela, passed down this sense of justice and drive in pushing for social equality and awareness of the issues that face young people in particular.

When it comes to KG as an artist, his reputation as one of the east coast’s most formidable hip hop talents has long been set. With hundreds of live shows under his belt and the support from the likes of MTV, Triple J and Spotify, KG’s grind has not gone unnoticed.

Generating discussion surrounding his 2018 singles ‘Black Boy’ and ‘Mabo Martin Mandela’, KG finished 2019 releasing a new collection of music that presents a defined image of a hip-hop artist doing things his own way – in the ‘Doin’ Me’ EP.

Having established himself as an emerging name to watch stages, including Groovin’ The Moo and the Spilt Milk festival, it has become inevitable that KG’s scope for exposure and success has broadened.

About this track…

‘Superwoman’ is a breezy, heartfelt ode to the strength and resilience of women. Timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, KG wants this song, and his voice, to be part of a vital conversation about making the world a place where all women can shine and feel empowered.


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