Joel Rafidi – 11:11

Following the release of 3 singles in 2019, I became aware that there were a lot of people who want to hear what I put on a record. I wanted to give them a project, more than a taste. More than drip-feeding staggered flares of creativity. This is where Paradigm Shift the EP was conceived.

Hip-Hop for me is an opportunity to share what is true for me internally and externally, and packaging those words and flows seamlessly to a beat and instrumentation to enhance the message and the essence of what is being said in order to share an experience with the listener. This is what is being done on this record. Simply an exchange of truth.

What I share comes from within and comes from my direct experience and understanding of the nature of myself and reality captured in a moment of space and time.

Paradigm Shift crosses a number of topics and branches of hip-hop including chill-hop, lo-fi and soul. I speak on consciousness, awareness, societal toxicity and passiveness. I also share my most personal song yet on ’11:11’

About this track…

11:11 features Joel’s trademark, deliberate cadence, altered with a little flare and melody. 11:11 is a delicate and vulnerable ballad dedicate to Joel’s then-partner and now wife, featuring downtempo production from Deaf Wolf Studios and impeccable mastering by …. 11:11 is immersive, gentle, warm and catchy.


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