Jamie-Rose – Hours feat. Teo Laza (Prod by Malikai Motion)


Ms Rose (as she is commonly known by) has proven herself to be a hardworking independent artist. Over the last year, she has performed in Manhattan, New York City, opened for one of Australia’s most hype underground hip hop artists, Ivan Ooze (alongside GALLVS and Juñor ), toured with iiiConic along the east coast and sold out shows in Vancouver, Canada.

After living in Canada at the beginning of her come up, Jamie-Rose has created a loyal global fan base over the years and now has show dates set for New York and Vancouver this year with more to be announced.

Jamie-Rose has plenty of projects under way for fans to look forward to. Rose has a lot of collaborative projects due for release with Malikai Motion, Teon Gibbs, Figuero Jones, Cole James, Kresnt and more to be revealed.

This underground artist is one to keep an eye on as her unique blend of sounds are sure to turns heads. Dark and captivating, powerful and sultry, armed with a sexy mysterious energy, Jamie-Rose is about to turn hip hop upside down.

About this track…

Produced and recorded in Vancouver, Canada on one of Jamie-Rose’s usual trips away.


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