Is 5G involved in the coronavirus outbreak?

Out of curiousity we took a map of the 5g Rollout locations available from

Then we took a map of the coronavirus tracker on January 31st 2020;

Then we superimposed one over the other to get this;

The numbers represent 5G locations and the yellow dots represent current coronavirus locations.

If our wild theory that 5G is involved is correct than we can predict that the next coronavirus outbreak locations will be the areas that have numbers but no yellow dots, ie; Western Australia, Brazil, South America and New Zealand (see update below).

It could be argued that the Coronavirus will travel to the most populated places first, and that the best places to put 5G is in those highly populated places and thus the spread could be due to the population density and nothing to do with 5G. An easy way to tell would be to monitor the places without 5G and see if they develop.

We will wait and see how it goes…..stay tuned! posted 10:30am January 31st 2020.

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UPDATE: 11:04pm  Coronavirus: Suspected case of virus in Auckland hospital, health boss confirms

UPDATE: 2PM January 31st 2020 – Facebook will begin removing fake claims and conspiracy theories about the coronavirus, stepping up efforts to fight the spread of misinformation


Location of suspected case in Sao Paulo
Location of 5G in Brazil


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  • ACS
    01/02/2020 at 12:34 pm

    I believe you are very right. Remember The Hague, Netherlands in November 2018 when all the birds drop dead to the ground. That was their first official 5G testing in public there. Keep up the great works – thank you for sharing.

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