IRON EMPIRE – START TO ROCK Unofficial Music Video

IRON EMPIRE is an Australian hip hop collective from Adelaide, composed of rappers, multi-instrumentalists and producers DR DICTIONARY aka. FLODYSSEUS, MAD MANTIS, THE ZUES, BBT, THE PEBBLE-SNATCHER, LIQUID MAJIC, 33X, SPINAFEKS, BOFFA and managed by Iron Umpire DON MEGA.

IRON EMPIRE contributors are known as Board Members, crafting most of their beats and lyrics down in WARD 6 and CINEMA4 Sound Studios.


band members

DR DICTIONARY aka. FLODYSSEUS: emcee/beats, MAD MANTIS: emcee/beats, THE ZUES: beats/production, THE PEBBLE-SNATCHER: beats/emcee, BBT: emcee, LIQUID MAJIC: emcee/beats, SPINAFEKS: decks, DON MEGA: Iron Umpire

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