How Victoria took the lead from NSW as the biggest live music state

New figures from Live Performance Australia show that NSW has been deposed as the live music state of Australia – and executives in Victoria have strong ideas on why their state has overtaken its northern neighbour.

Among them are how strong government investment through its $22.2 million Music Works package has created a culture of confidence in actively supporting new talent, and a strong circuit of community radio stations which create an atmosphere of discovery.

Figures for 2018 released this week by LPA show that NSW was beaten in terms of ticket revenue by both Victoria and Queensland.

“NSW is no longer the premier state for live music, and is rapidly losing ground to Victoria and Queensland for growth in attendance and revenue,” says LPA chief executive Evelyn Richardson.

“Sydney’s lock-out laws, a shortage of live music venues and the uncertainty created by the government’s music festival regulation fiasco have undoubtedly turned down the volume on live music performance in NSW.”

According to LPA, around 10 million tickets were sold in the contemporary music sector, turning over $1 billion in revenue

Music festivals shifted 975,000 tickets with revenues of around $102 million.

Ticket attendance for contemporary music doubled in Victoria compared to NSW between 2017 and 2018.

Victoria grew by 864,143 and NSW by 441,484.

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