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Latest Science News

  1. Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered 5 days ago
  2. Researchers stimulate areas vital to consciousness in monkeys’ brains — and it wakes them up 2 weeks ago
  3. Researchers Develop System That Transforms CO2 Into Concrete 2 weeks ago
  4. Scientists Discover Virus With No Recognizable Genes 2 weeks ago
  5. Simple, solar-powered water desalination 3 weeks ago
  6. Molecular ‘switch’ reverses chronic inflammation and aging 3 weeks ago
  7. New droplet-based electricity generator: A drop of water generates 140V power, lighting up 100 LED bulbs 3 weeks ago
  8. Genome stability: Intricate process of DNA repair discovered 3 weeks ago
  9. Scientists unravel mystery of photosynthesis 3 weeks ago
  10. Cancer-causing culprits will be caught by their DNA fingerprints 3 weeks ago
  11. Sand dunes can ‘communicate’ with each other 3 weeks ago
  12. Scientists Slam Congress’s New Plan for NASA to send humans to Mars in 2033 3 weeks ago
  13. Oligodynamic effect of Metals to kill Bacteria and Viruses 3 weeks ago
  14. CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade 3 weeks ago
  15. Sestrins are evolutionarily conserved mediators of exercise benefits 3 weeks ago
  16. The World’s Largest Solar Telescope Snaps Its First Photograph 3 weeks ago
  17. Scientists Are Rapidly Finding Weird Materials Older Than the Solar System on Earth 4 weeks ago
  18. Anti-solar cells: A photovoltaic cell that works at night 4 weeks ago
  19. Meteorite chunk contains unexpected evidence of presolar grains 4 weeks ago
  20. Nanocontainers Introduced Into the Nucleus of Living Cells 4 weeks ago
  21. We Taught an AI To Synthesize Materials 🔮 2 months ago
  22. A natural biomolecule has been measured acting like a quantum wave for the first time 2 months ago