Earnest Jackson – Sweaty


A pseudonym for the Melbourne-based, 20-year-old Jackson Hurwood – Earnest Jackson is bubbling just under the surface of new Australian Hip Hop. Drawing influence from heavy hitters and high achievers like Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, Earnest Jackson combines styles, sounds and ideas to bring his unique energy into the scene. With a focus on lyrical content, Earnest is at times thoughtful and hard-hitting, and at other times playful and cheeky. Hooks you can’t get out of your head and grooves that make you want to move form the essence of Earnest’s songs, sometimes with sprinklings of synthesisers and lush harmonies – other times with smatterings of strings and horns.

Earnest will soon be releasing the unofficial anthem of 2020’s summer with ‘Sweaty’, a cheeky dance track that will compel you to smile, shake yo thang, and most importantly – sweat. Advocating for judgement-free self love, confidence, feeling sexy no matter what, applying appropriate amounts of sunscreen when outside, and of course – dancing until you drip (with sweat), ‘Sweaty’ begs to be played over and over again, and of course, shared with everybody you know.

About this track…

The unofficial anthem of the summer of 2020 from Earnest Jackson, ‘Sweaty’ will infect you with an urge to smile, shake yo thang, and most importantly – sweat. With a playful energy rivalling that of OutKast and Duckwrth, Earnest’s cheeky lyrics makes it clear he wants every, any and many bodies to shake, slap, and move their booties without inhibitions.


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