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What is this site?

A complete list of Australian Hip Hop Emcees, Crews and Djs. 

We also have a community forum which features the latest news, tours and music releases.


So much SPAM nowadays and the Rap Cella has been discontinued, Stealth Magazine has gone, Obese isn’t the same, is hardly used anymore, Triple J is to diversified and all the social media groups have become over run with SPAM.

There is simply far too much music being released with no easy way to browse thru it.This website brings it all into one place.

Why is so much info missing?

This site has not been officially launched yet and is being updated daily with heaps of work to do.

How can I add or edit an Artist?

Contact us on the Forum.

Can I help?

Hell yes! I have spent hundreds of hours working on this site and would love any kind of help, feedback or reviews. Simply contact us on the Forum.


 You may add or edit your listing, you may self publish your own news articles or tour information for free. You can also choose to promote your listing or article for only $2. This provides us with a way to cover our costs and means we don’t annoy you with ADs or SPAM, this is also a very cheap way to promote yourself effectively to the right audience.


This site is for you! If you don’t like something, or you want more features please contact us – your feedback is always appreciated because YOU are Hip Hop!

Special Thanks goes to Draino, who inspired this site based upon his work with the Oz/Rap Cella. Thanks to Mark Pollard, who also inspired this site with his work in Stealth Magazine and is an immense source of information. Blaze, Tony Mitchell and more…

Shoutouts to the D.I.A. Crew.

Dj Defenda



How to Edit an Artist

To edit an Artist or Group sign up/login,  select the Artist using the search function below and click on edit this listing