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Special Thanks goes to Draino, who inspired this site based upon his work with the Oz/Rap Cella. Thanks to Mark Pollard, who also inspired this site with his work in Stealth Magazine and is an immense source of information. Blaze, Tony Mitchell and more…

Shoutouts to the D.I.A. Crew.


Our site is the Australian Hip Hop Directory and we try to provide a wide coverage of everything happening within the scene, including News, Releases and Tours.

Our aim is to reduce Spam, increase Unity in our scene and to increase the effectiveness of our Marketing, and most importantly, to present it all for the fans in a way that is organized, easy to browse and without Spam.

Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer to help contribute to the site.

We’ve made it for the community so we really value any feedback.



“Facebook doesn’t give a fuck about musicians. Musicians are bad customers.” Facebook realizing their core market is businesses that will advertise regularly.

But it’s utterly worthless to simply promote your releases via Facebook, because Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook.

Think about the logic of things: If you’re promoting new music, it’s probably on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or SoundCloud. Therefore, you’re asking people to click away from Facebook, which means Facebook is losing someone who could potentially be looking at ads from other businesses. Facebook’s entire business model is predicated upon you, the user, spending more time on Facebook, seeing more advertisements. –