Clifton – Basketcase

Produced, mixed and mastered by Dante Ferretti
Filmed by Riley Thomas Page
Edited by Connor Askham

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21, with those P Plates
I’ll be 25 with like 3 mates
No dosh for a board, imma cheap skate
Riding the bumps of a heatwave
I need the same love, with the same drugs, I’ve been caged up, no keychain
I got 4 wheels, but they don’t move, less I hit drive and we freezeframe
Got that stall up, sell the real shit, memories found in a broken heart
Get to the punch, and I break the hand the feeds, the man to be, the one that I know to start
I got a line in the sand, that I draw for the fan that believed in the me that they are
Tit for the tat, all the ink on the canvas, thinking of light in the dark
People warned me bout the fame
People warned me bout the change
People warned me nothing positive would stay
People warned me bout the rain
They all told me I could never let negative pay me the money and push on my wage
I’m back at beginnings, remembering clarity on it, I’m wishing I kept her and stayed
Staring at friends who needed a billy or pill when they wake up to starting their day
I couldn’t believe it when Blogs went and offered the pipe, I’m just happy I pushed it away
Watching a life go in different directions, I know I’m addictive, the mind is a maze
And if you can show me the light in the dark then I promise, the shit that I’ll make with amaze
Something from nothing, and when I was younger, I looked at an album and wanted to pay
But now I see friends are achieving their dreams, but there’s me in the corner, and now I’m ashamed
I’m just alone
In a crowded room
None suffer, the pain not as loud as views
No attention to man who stands on the mic, per-fectin the set he’s about to do
I was 17, stood right above a good friend who was white in a box
He always would message me, telling him that it’s the end for me, he would be saying it’s not
Never had asked him if he was in pain, blaming the sun while he lived in the rain
His friends and his family never knew nothing of where it had started, but knew where it stopped
I’m blaming myself, I look in the mirror and pointin the finger has gotten me lost
But now I’m alive and I’m here to survive and it’s pushin me daily no matter the cost
No caving in, vacate till the great is in, the numbers meaning yes, man I’m making it
Pull a gavel at the art, so you take a bid, and hope you know the GOAT, cause you’re making him, god damn

Got the number coming through
1 to number 2
It’ll never be enough
Lost without a crew
That’s why my love for you
Will never be enough

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