Is 5G involved in the coronavirus outbreak?

Since our original post on 31st January, ALL our predictions happened exactly as we said they would so we have updated the Article….

March 2nd 2020

Update March 4th 2020 – In this article from 17th January Iceland has completed 5G Testing and is preparing to allocate the Spectrum ––1323157 and in this article from March 2nd 2020 we have 3 confirmed cases of Coronavirus –

Out of curiousity we took a map of the 5g Rollout locations available from

Then we downloaded the Latest Global Map Coverage for Coronavirus

Then we superimposed the 2 locations to show that Coronavirus and 5G have consistently tracked the same locations.

The red areas shown by the blue lines are current CoronaVirus Locations and the yellow areas shown by the green lines represent the current 5G Locations.

We need to know if this is false correlation (ie; wrongly attributing virus cases to 5g locations instead of looking at population sizes and movement) or if there is something more to research.

Remember, Correlation does not imply causation – let’s generate some useful discussion.

Instead of being ignored, or simply rushing into a spurious fallacy, lets examine some of the pre-evidence that needs to be researched and discussed further:

– Event 201: 

Was this Pandemic Simulation prior to Coronavirus-19 just acoinicidence or conspiracy similar to the War Game Simulation prior to 911?



– 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties:

At the millimeter wave frequency of 60GHz, the absorption is very high, with 98 percent of the transmitted energy absorbed by atmospheric oxygen.

A 60GHz communications system must overcome the effects of oxygen absorption, 16dB/KM. In order to operate reliably at even short ranges, a very focused, narrow-beam antenna must also be employed to increase the level of signal available to the target receiver. This combination of oxygen absorption and narrow beam transmission enhances the security of the 60GHz radio link, minimizing the probability of unauthorized intercept.

Theoretically, 100,000 systems operating at 60 GHz can be co-located in a ten square kilometer area without interference problems.

**Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties

**The Origins of 60GHz: How Does It Work? –

Telemeres Length in Mice makes them completely unsuitable for testing the effects of EM on Humans

– Issues with other Frequencies?

– Protein changes in macrophages induced by plasma from rats exposed to 35 GHz millimeter waves –

– A Theoretical Study of the Effect of Molecular Absorption and Re-radiation on Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Wireless Networking

– Important Notes:

– The False Cause Fallacy: Correlation Does Not Equal Causation –

– Efficient Structure Resonance Energy Transfer from Microwaves to Confined Acoustic Vibrations in Viruses


Final Notes –

It would be great to list the order of 5G rollout locations and see if the order of coronavirus has followed.   ( It would be great if someone could volunteer for this until we have more time )

In February 2018 this prediction was made about 5G:

“I guarantee you, folks, when they roll this stuff out they’re going to turn it on in such a way that it’s going to seem like polio came back”@


The numbers represent 5G locations and the yellow dots represent current coronavirus locations.

If our wild theory that 5G is involved is correct than we can predict that the next coronavirus outbreak locations
 will be the areas that have numbers but no yellow dots, ie; Western Australia, Brazil, South America and New Zealand (see update below).

Important Note: It could be argued that the Coronavirus will travel to the most populated places first, and that the best places to 
put 5G is in those highly populated places and thus the spread could be due to the population density and nothing to do with 5G. 
An easy way to tell would be to monitor the places without 5G and see if they develop.

We will wait and see how it goes.....stay tuned! posted 10:30am January 31st 2020.

Then we took a map of the coronavirus tracker on January 31st 2020;

Then we superimposed one over the other to get this;

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  • ACS
    01/02/2020 at 12:34 pm

    I believe you are very right. Remember The Hague, Netherlands in November 2018 when all the birds drop dead to the ground. That was their first official 5G testing in public there. Keep up the great works – thank you for sharing.

  • TakSumo
    14/03/2020 at 10:30 pm

    Iran is officially rolling out their 5g network march 2020. Test has been going on since 2017

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