3 Things You Should Do In L.A. According to Ekko Mc

Bondi boy Ekko MC aka Tha black Kangaroo is putting Australian hip-hop solidly on the international map. Residing in Los Angeles for the past 5 years Ekko mc is a prolific underground artist who has been grinding hard with Bondi on his back.

We asked him to recommend 3 things to do if you ever get to visit Los Angeles.

There’s so many incredible things to do in LA, from snowboarding to skating on Tony hawks bowl to hiking, tasting the assortment of food trucks, seeing so much art and history, go check out a winery downtown or if it floats your boat, you can even rent a boat , jetski or kayak in the marina  and just float around the same place Pablo Escobar brought his coke back. You can witness giant sea lions flap around the docks eating and sunbathing.

Malibu is a great place to go for a hike, climb a mountain and swim in a lake under a waterfall. For a more gritty experience you could go downtown to skid row and see the shocking reality of what’s really going on down there and volunteer to help feed and clothe the thousands and thousands of homeless people living there literally on the street in tent city, or just go for a walk around there and discretely donate some money to someone you see that needs it.

It all depends on what kind of person you are and experience you’re looking for.

There’s definitely something for everyone here and even though everything closes at 2am, (yeah coming from Sydney it took me a good while to adjust to that law) there’s always an after hours party going on somewhere that pumps hard till the daylight.

I could go on forever about what’s good to see and do in LA but I was asked to name 3 things so here it is…

1: Go to the sunset strip and spend a night watching the local music


See at least one of the iconic bars like the viper room, the rainbow, the Roxy, whiskey a go go I’ve seen Scarface, too short, immortal technique, DPG, DJ Quik, Jedi mind tricks, chino xl, Mac Lucci, Nas, The Roots, Big Doty, phsyco realm, raz kas and so many more legends I can’t think of . I’ve also performed at a couple of these spots a few times and all of these venues have so much history and are still there presenting all types of new music from every genre, big time artists and of coarse raw rock and roll at its best local and international acts at any day of the week.

2. Go to the Venice art walk on a Thursday night in summer

so u can experience the major talent and events they hold along the streets of Venice beach, live music , art shows, circus acts, buskers, body painters, raves, bboys n girls, acrobats, sculptures and amazing light shows, incredible DJs and anything you can think of that happens all at once it’s a magical evening.

3. Go to a real underground hip hop night in the hood at a Chinese restaurant/nightclub.

Yeah sounds as funny as it is, but the amount of incredible hip hop I’ve seen with people you know now and even legends from the past that are in an actual Chinese restaurant that knows watsup and doubles as a hip hop venue as well, it’s real.

And it doesn’t get any more raw than that. I’ve even taken some mates from Sydney to a couple, the real Freeway Ricky Ross in the building, promoting his record label, Puff, jayo felony, bigg A, Daz, Kurupt, the game, Mac lucci, big Doty, Big2daboy, Bloodshott, the west coast legend Kam, Compton AV, tyga, Nipsey hussle, J Stone, J rock, yung gritty, ekko mc haha, just to name a few.
It’s an experience that any real hip hop head or artist has to take part in if you get the chance.

So that’s it from me for now, thanks for reading and thanks to  the Australian hip hop directory! Big up!

I was asked to name 3
But, why not make it 4
Number 4 is, come see me
And I’ll show you some more.

Ekko MC – tha black kanga
Bondi Boys 4 life 👊🏽

Hip hop heads look out for my new single with Demoz from Army of the Pharaohs Demoz Demoz!! Coming soon, stay tuned. @ekkomc

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