What is this site?

A complete list of Australian Hip Hop Emcees, Crews and Djs. I’ll setup up a proper search function as well as list the categories better…eventually. Browse the site, click the ‘info’ button for more details or simply browse around and click on the videos for a pretty decent playlist


So much SPAM nowadays and the Rap Cella has been discontinued.

Why is it so slow? Why is so much info missing?

This site has not been officially launched yet and is being updated daily with heaps of work to do

How can I add or edit an Artist?

Simply contact us via the menu

Why is there ADs?

This site requires faster hosting which is not cheap, if there is too many ADs, or they in places that annoy you please contact us, I would like this site to remain as user friendly as possible.

Can I help?

Hell yes! I have spent hundreds of hours working on this site and would love any kind of help, feedback or reviews.

Special Thanks goes to Draino, who inspired this site based upon his work with the Oz/Rap Cella. Thanks to Mark Pollard, who also inspired this site with his work in Stealth Magazine and is an immense source of information.

Shoutouts to the D.I.A. Crew.