Rapper Tag

In 2010, 360 started an online musical project in the Australian hip hop scene, called “Rapper Tag”, on YouTube. Rapper Tag involves one person recording a portion of rap over a looped beat, and then nominating (“tagging”) another person to add further rapping over the same loop. The process continued in accordance with the nomination of the next rapper.

“There was a similar thing going on in America but it wasn’t exactly the same.. I thought it would be dope to do something similar here. We have such a small hip hop community compared to America. It’s been great and unifying the scene regardless of what kind of hip hop you make, or what you are into. Everyone’s getting involved which is really positive to see.” – 360


 I think rappertag is one of the most positives things to happen to the Australian Hip Hop scene period. It sounds kind of corny to describe it like this, but its sort of unified the scene and brought everyone together. It wasn’t about one particular style of rapper sticking to their own, it was whoever. It’s been great we’ve had all extremes. I love it. – 360